Below are a short list of data issues EmcienScan may encounter and suggestions to solve them:

Parse failed: Header contains malformed csv.
This error is typically caused by a closing quote not being present in a cell.

Parse failed: Header contains only one field - check your delimiter
EmcienScan will error with this message when the file does not contain a header record or an extra CR/LF at the start of the file

Parse failed: More than 10 percent of the file is invalid - aborting

  • EmcienScan will allow for messy data, but when more than 10 percent of the file is "bad", EmcienScan gives this error. Reviewing the previous line in the scan log before the failure message will provide more insight into the exact issue causing the file to fail.
  • Things to look for:
    • Rows that have more columns or less than the header row
    • Special characters or garbage characters within your data
    • Quote characters that aren't used in pairs (i.e. Open quotes on a string but no closing quote)
    • Lots of blank rows sprinkled throughout the data file

Parse failed: No transactions were encountered
The selected table/view contains no data.

Parse failed: Line contains a null byte - possibly a utf-16 or binary file
The dataset has the wrong file encoding selected, change to autoselect or utf-16.

Parse failed: Header has too many fields (max is 2000)
EmcienScan returns this failure message when the data file exceeds the maximum number of fields, which is 2,000.

File extension can only be CSV, TXT, or GZ.

  • Currently EmcienScan can only take .csv, .txt or .gz files for analysis, if the file is something else like .xls, simply resave the file in CSV format then reload.
  • Remember, simply renaming the file won't fix the problem, the file must be in the CSV file format. In Excel you can choose 'Save As...' from the File menu and choose "Windows CSV" as the format.

Sample Target must be at least 1000
The user configured 'Sample Size' is less than the 1,000 line minimum requirement.

No such file or directory @ rb_file_s_size - <file_path>
This error will occur when the user uploads a file that is open in another application, such as Excel. Please check to make sure the file is not currently in use. Other error messages that can indicate this issue:

  • Uploaded file size does not match
  • Error: 1 error(s) encountered during prescan.  An unknown error occured

isql command failed: [ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLExecute
There is a problem with the query syntax for the driver of the that specific data source. The queries are located in the Data Source's config file.

isql command failed: 256
The Data Source selected is not connected to EmcienScan

isql command failed: 512
EmcienScan displays this error message when a data file is named improperly.  Filename may contain executable code.

Failed to load tables for data source <name>
The number of tables/views to be loaded to EmcienScan from the configured data source takes longer than the alotted time configured before timeout. To remedy, select only a partial number of the tables or objects from your database and try again.