Sample Data Sets

Below is a collection of public data sets that anyone can download to try out EmcienScan. Try uploading the data sets to EmcienScan without even opening them yourself - let EmcienScan do all of the exploration for you without having to know what's in the file beforehand!


Diabetes - Sample data to predict what causes diabetes

Cancer Remission - Small data set to predict the link to cancer in remission

IoT / Information Systems

IT-Help-Desk - Data that tracks customer satisfication of trouble tickets

Machine Failure Data - Sample data of crane component failures

Sales / Marketing

Sales-Win-Loss - Sales opportunities with their details and outcome

Google Ad Words - Sample of data that shows impressions, clicks and cost

Marketing-Campaign-Plan-Grocery - Grocery Store Campaign for coupon usage

Telco-Customer-Churn - Customer records for a telecommunications company with whether the customer churned or not

Campaign Effectiveness - Data to show the effectiveness of a marketing campaign

Employee Attrition - Employee demographics data to find what leads to attrition

Finance / Insurance

Rail Insurance Claims - 2013 Insurance claims made by rail companies

Customer-Value-Analysis - Automobile insurance customer information with the expected lifetime value of the customer

Sacramento_Real_Estate_Transactions - Home and condo sales including zip code and geo-location

Banking-Loss-Events.csv - Banking loss data including region, net loss and recovered amount

Accounts-Receivable - List of Invoices including amounts, type of billing and days late

Auto Insurance Claims - Automobile Insurance claims including location, policy type and claim amount

Geology / Enviroment

Forest-Data - Soil type and tree types for wilderness areas

Sports / Recreation

NFL_2014_players - Weekly game data for each player's statistics

NFL_2014_teams - Weekly Game data including weather and each team's statistics

American-Time-Use-Survey - Survey of how Americans use their time

Bike Share - Bicycle ride sharing data with weather