How to Upgrade a Virtual Machine

Bundles are pieces of code that perform different tasks within the VMs. Use this guide to export Company & User data (like passwords and API keys) from your existing VM and import the data into the target VM.

For upgrading from EmcienScan 1.4 to 1.5 use the following links to download the necessary bundle files:

    •    EmcienScan 1.4 Company & Users Export Bundle - (download coming soon)
    •    EmcienScan 1.5 Data Import Bundle - (download coming soon)
    •    EmcienScan 1.5 Server Start Bundle - (download coming soon)

Step 1: Export Company & Users Data from Existing VM

  1. Connect to the VM with the perform SFTP user:
    1. Open a SFTP session with an SFPT client like CyberDuck or Filezilla:
    2. hostname: IP or Hostname of Existing VM
    3. username: perform
    4. password: Password from Existing VMs Login Screen
    5. directory: /data
    6. port: 22 (if using localhost, port 2222)
  2. Transfer the Company & Users Export Bundle and wait 60 seconds. If you refresh the SFTP client you should see that the bundle has disappeared.
  3. The VM will shut-down and restart into maintenance mode indicating that the export is complete. The bundle has completed its job when a “backups” folder appears inside the /data directory.
  4. With the perform SFTP user, download the backup file from /data/backups 
  5. Power down the old EmcienScan VM

NOTE: The VM’s browser page will still display that the VM is in maintenance mode. However, it is still running in the background.

NOTE: If you want to log back into EmcienScan before you power it down, please upload the start-app_v1.bundle into the /data directory. Within 1 minute the VM will come out of maintenance mode.

Step 2: Import Data into New VM

  1. Boot up the new EmcienScan VM (1.5)
  2. With the perform SFTP user (see new VM login screen for password), create a restore directory inside /data NOTE: It is important that you use lower case letters.
  3. SFTP the backup.tar file into /data/restore directory.   NOTE:  The import will not work if there is more than one file in the restore directory.
  4. SFTP the Data Import Bundle (import-vm_v2.bundle) into the /data directory
  5. Wait 60 seconds for the bundle to disappear at which point the bundle will automatically begin processing. You may need to refresh your SFTP client in or to see that the bundle has disappeared.

NOTE: Your VM will go into maintenance mode while the bundle processes.

Step 3: Restart New VM

  1. Make sure that the import has completed by checking the bundle’s log file. The /data/logsdirectory contains the performer.log as well as a folder for each bundle that was run. The bundle log folders are named according to the bundle; there is also a time stamp to help you determine which log you want to view (in the event that you ran a particular bundle multiple times).
    • Open the folder for the log you wish to view
    • Either download “run.log” or view it within the SFTP client
    • Make sure that the bottom of the log states: “….bundle completed successfully”
  2. If the import-bundle completed successfully, use the perform SFTP user to place the Server Start Bundle (start-app_v1.bundle) inside the /data directory
  3. Wait 60 seconds for the bundle to disappear and when the login screen appears, log in using the username that was used in the old v1.4 VM.
  4. Your upgrade is complete!

NOTE: If the VM did not complete successfully, please email your support contact with the error message that appears in the log.

NOTE: Upgrading only moves company and user data. Existing runs are not moved. Also, any custom server configuration, like hostname or ssh keys, are not moved.