How to Configure a VM Proxy

The EmcienScan VM makes a web request to a licensing server via cURL. In some networks, all cURL requests are proxied. The below directions allow a user to configure the EmcienScan VM to create license requests through a proxy. This configuration does not affect their host computer in anyway.


1. Install the EmcienScan VM

2. Log into the EmcienScan VM operating system with the system user

3. Set the proxy configuration:

echo “<proxy-address>:<proxy-port>” | sudo tee /home/emcien-vm/http_proxy

<proxy-address> is the IP or hostname for the proxy server

<proxy-port> is the port number for the proxy server

4. Restart the EmcienScan VM

sudo shutdown r now

5. Once the EmcienScan VM is started, sign in and upload the EmcienScan License

6. To later edit the proxy configuration, log into the EmcienScan VM operating system and edit the configuration file:

sudo vi /home/emcien-vm/http_proxy